Why we Travel?

We are stable and unsettled
We are calm and unrested
We love peace and chaos
We need solitude and craziness
We want to fly high and dive low
We HAVE to keep moving and exploring
To be sane
And insane

We’re those young‘uns travelers at heart full of activity chalking out trails to explore and experience, a little each day. We’re here to create this shared experience for you. We travel creating twists and turns, exploring far-flung beyond the casual tourism. We want you to experience the overlooked and the undiscovered. Don’t just look at nature, explore it! Be a part of the ecosystem and celebrate what nature has given us: Life.

We organize Weekend Getaways for your swift adventure fix - Trekking & Camping in and around Karnataka on mundane weekends; 
Extended odysseys to test your endurance and to push your limits, to explore new and majestic vistas and mountain ranges, for some self-contemplation in the Himalayan ranges; 
Photo Tours & Astro Photography Sessions for the creative artist in you, to capture the best of nature and stellar skies!

We organize outdoor activities, offbeat and unique. It’s an art we have mastered. We stretch to give our best to be creative, with a wee bit of madness so you can cherish the experience that’s incomparable. We weave in art and local cultural festivities in our trails that showcase the best of what nature has to offer. Get out of your comfort zone! Join us in our unique and fascinating journey into the fantastic outdoors. Join us in this holistic travel experience and discover the new you. 




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