The name 'Pandavapura' means "Town of Pandavas". Mythology states that the Pandavas during their period of exile stayed here for some time, and Kunti, mother of the Pandavas, liked the hillock so much that it became one of her favorite haunts. The town is also named after the Pandavas because of their brief stay in this region. The name "French Rock" dates back to India's Pre-Independence days, the place was used as the camping ground by the French army, which came to help Tippu Sultan in his war against the British. It is believed that French named the small town as "French Rocks", as the town is in the vicinity of two rocky hills. After Indian Independence, these rocky hills are called "Kunti Betta" by the locals.
The Tonnur Lake is also called the Moti Talab Because of the crystal clear water in the lake. Situated in the Pandavapura Taluk, it is an old lake with historical association. This forms an ideal picnic spot away from the busy life of the city. People can also enjoy boating here in the local made round boats called "Theppa". Being located on a hilltop, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley below and other hills in the area. A climb up the hillock next to the lake can also be a wonderful experience.

1 Day September to March

What is included in the tour

  • 1 meal (Lunch) and Snacks.
  • Transportation throughout the event
  • Trek Leader and permit fees
  • Games and Fun activities
  • Photo documentation

What is NOT included in the tour

  • GST- 5% extra
  • Beverages and personal snacks
  • Meals other than what is specified in the inclusions
  • Expenses due to medical emergencies 
  • Music, Games and Fun activities
  • Photo Documentation

Day 1:

  • 0500 hrs – Start from Mysore
  • 0600 hrs – Arrival at foothills of Kunti and Start hiking to the peak
  • 0800 hrs – Reach the peak.
  • 0930 hrs – Start descending
  • 1030 hrs – Reach foothills
  • 1100 hrs – Brunch at Pandavpura
  • 1130 hrs – Head towards Tonnur Lake
  • 1330 hrs – Depart towards Mysore
  • 1500 hrs – Reach Mysore


  • One week prior confirmation is required by paying an advance.
  • The costing shown here is prepared for a minimum of 10 travelers.
  • This Itinerary is for reference purpose. We customize itinerary as per the travellers' interest & requirement.
  • The cost will vary depending on the group size.



  • Trekking shoes / Hiking sandals with good grip 
  • Water bottles (1L)
  • Hat / Cap / Scarfs / Bandana cap
  • Windbreaker / Jacket (Weatherproof)
  • Poncho / Rainwear * (During rainy climate)
  • Towel + Hanky *
  • Innerwear (As required)
  • Micro-polythene disposable bags to keep wet clothes/waste material
  • Personal medicines (For allergies/asthma etc)

Things marked with (*) are Optional. 


  • We follow the “Leave No Trace” principles strictly throughout the trip. Participants must not litter plastic or any other non-degradable waste during our entire outing/expedition.
  • Trekking and other adventure expeditions are not luxury tours. Although we provide for all the basic facilities, we expect participants to be accommodative and adaptive to the circumstances and varying outdoor/weather conditions.
  • All outdoor events and expeditions can be conducted seamlessly if all the members cooperate with each other and provide a helping hand for activities which require team effort. We expect all outdoor enthusiasts to be proactive in collecting firewood, pitching tents, carrying their tents and sleeping bags and in various other situations where such team effort is required.
  • Add-Ventures do not support or encourage consumption of intoxicants during our outdoor and adventure expeditions. Anyone found to be indulging in such activities will be strictly reprimanded and even asked to leave from the event without refund. 


  • It is most essential to be fit and have good amount of stamina for a Trek/hike or any extended odysseys (Biking or Backpacking). 
  • Have a regular workout routine to build your stamina. You would enjoy a trek or an outing a lot better if you have minimum physical fitness. 
  • We have different categories for beginners and experienced Trekkers. Do check with us for difficulty level before enrolling. 
  • Although we would have basic first aid kit with us during the outing, we advise you to carry any other personal medications specific to you.