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We are always stoked to work with people who are passionate about outdoors and adventure just like we are. Although we are an outdoor and travel firm, we need a team with different skillsets to work at our back-end of the operations.

So, if you are a traveller at heart and are equipped with the skills that we require to run the show, you will surely enjoy working and travelling with us! Check out the available job positions if it matches your interest and apply by filling up the form above. (Mention job role in subject section and in the message section, provide details about your experience in that specific area)



To let people know about our awesome outdoor ventures and upcoming events, we need awesome marketing individuals who can promote and sell our events creatively. This will be an exciting position which a creative individual would surely enjoy. This position requires following skillsets –

  • Preparing and delivering marketing plans within key objectives
  • Conducting research and analysing data to identify and define audiences
  • Working with in-house designers / interns to produce materials of visual impact and within brand guidelines
  • Generating and executing marketing campaigns across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more
  • Planning strategies and campaigns to promote our events off-line as well

Apart from payment for your work, you can join any one of our Weekend Getaways monthly for free! If you are just as passionate as we are for travel, we will invite you for detailed discussion regarding your roles and responsibilities with Add Ventures Unlimited. 



We are looking for interns with following skill and work capabilities -

  • Create and manage content on various Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Ability to develop new marketing strategies online and offline
  • Basic knowledge of media editing tools will be an added advantage (Photoshop, Lightroom, Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro) 

If you have what we want, apart from a certificate of internship and recommendation, you can join any or all of our Weekend Getaways during your internship tenure for free! We want you to be in the thick of things to thrive and flourish! 



Bring out your charming self, while managing groups and leading events/expeditions for Add Ventures Unlimited. The Outdoor Leader should be -  

  • Experienced in outdoor activities and trekking. Must hold at least BMC 'A' grade certificate from any of the mountaineering institutes
  • Experienced in first aid and in taking other safety measures during outdoor event
  • Capable of handling various type of clients during the event - from large groups to naughty young kids 
  • Able to work with operations team in coordinating with participants
  • Able to conduct group activities and engage the group during the event 

Apart from payment for your work, you will also have opportunities to explore new places, join other fixed departures at cost-to-cost basis and gain a lot of travel experiences! If you are just as passionate as we are for travel, we will invite you for detailed discussion regarding your roles and responsibilities with Add Ventures Unlimited. 



Just as we love the outdoors and nature, we love music and art. Who doesn't? So we have come up with an initiative to combine all this with our regular ventures and expeditions.  

This is a great platform for all musicians and artists (amateurs and pros) out there who like adventure and travel. So if you think you can perform for, or entertain a small group during our outings, you will get an opportunity to join us for a free trip and even get paid (conditions apply, of course)!

Share your art work, music or performance videos and if we like it, we will sponsor your travel to amazing destinations where you can showcase your talent. Read more about this at Travelling Artist Project (TAP) 



You can earn your travel discounts by taking part in our online contests open for all. 

  • Travel Writing - Write about your travel adventures or experiences with us and mail it to us. For one best article from every Weekend Getaway, the writer will be given a 50% discount voucher* for the next Weekend Getaway. An amusing travelogue from our Extended Odysseys will be given a free trip to one Weekend Getaway. This will be published on our blog section.
  • Photography - Submit the photos taken during our events and expeditions. One best photograph will be selected every week and featured on our Facebook page and Instagram


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