Every December, we travel away from all the city light pollution for an amazing show put up by the Geminids Meteor Shower. The Geminids are considered to be one of the more spectacular meteor shower during a year, with the possibility of sighting around 120 meteors per hour at its peak! 

So calling all photographers, photography enthusiasts and star gazers in general for excellent night sky photography session where similar minds can meet, camp, hike, shoot the shooting stars and enjoy the night with soothing music :)


1 Night 2 Days

What is included in the tour

  • 4 meals (Lunch | Dinner | Breakfast | Lunch) 
  • Stay in tents with sleeping bags
  • Campfire & Music 
  • Night photography session and discussion
  • Adventure activities and games  

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transportation (Rs. 1200 extra for Transportation from Mysore/Bangalore)
  • Camera gear and equipment
  • Any extra orders in the campsite, extra meals or snacks, beverages 
  • Photography insights and reviews of the images taken during the tour by experienced photographers
  • Witness the mesmerizing show by the stellar objects falling from the sky 
  • Camp in a secluded place away from all sorts of pollution
  • Learn to photograph at night - create Timelapse, Star-lapse and Star-trail.  
  • Experiment with photography techniques and test your camera's sensor capabilities at night. 
  • A blissful evening for the non-photographers as well who can enjoy the view in cold night and by warmth of the campfire.

Day 1

  • 0500hrs – Pick up from Bangalore
  • 0800hrs – Breakfast & Depart from Mysore
  • 1200hrs – Reach The Outside Space, Ooty Campsite. Freshen up
  • 1400hrs – Post lunch, head to Ebbinad trek 
  • 1900hrs – Return to campsite after sunset. 
  • 2000hrs – Campfire and music. Dinner at 2100hrs 
  • 2300hrs – Night photography session begins and shoot until 0400hrs  

Day 2

  • 0900hrs – Wake up leisurely and have breakfast 
  • 1000hrs – Discussion on meteor shower Photoshoot
  • 1300hrs – Lunch & depart from The Outside Space Campsite 
  • 1700hrs – Reach Mysore
  • 2100hrs – Reach Bangalore  

NOTE: This is only a model itinerary, the exact itinerary will not be shared with the participants as there will be impromptu changes to make the tour more exciting. We might change location and itinerary.



  • T-shirt /Casual shirt (Preferably cotton, 1)
  • Pants/ Shorts /Legging (Preferably quick dry, 1)
  • Innerwear (As required)
  • Swimwear/ Bathing suit* (One)
  • Trekking / Sports shoes with good grip & One pair of slippers
  • Socks (Woolen/cotton, 1 pair each)
  • Windbreaker/ Jacket (Weatherproof)
  • Poncho /rainwear * (During rainy climate)
  • Hat /Cap /Scarfs/ Bandana cap
  • Sun Glasses (UV Protective) + Case
  • Head Torch + Swiss Knife *
  • Towel + Hanky *
  • Water bottles (1L + 2L)


  • Toothbrush + Paste + Wet Wipes (Small)
  • Sunscreen + Lip balm + Body lotion
  • Hand Sanitizer + Insect repellent
  • Earbuds + Comb + Tissue Roll (Small)
  • Micro-polythene disposable bags to keep wet clothes/waste material
  • Personal medicines (For allergies/asthma etc)



  • We follow the “Leave No Trace” principles strictly throughout the trip. Participants must not litter plastic or any other non-degradable waste during our entire outing/expedition.
  • Trekking and other adventure expeditions are not luxury tours. Although we provide for all the basic facilities, we expect participants to be accommodative and adaptive to the circumstances and varying outdoor/weather conditions.
  • All outdoor events and expeditions can be conducted seamlessly if all the members cooperate with each other and provide a helping hand for activities which require team effort. We expect all outdoor enthusiasts to be proactive in collecting firewood, pitching tents, carrying their tents and sleeping bags and in various other situations where such team effort is required.
  • Add-Ventures do not support or encourage consumption of intoxicants during our outdoor and adventure expeditions. Anyone found to be indulging in such activities will be strictly reprimanded and even asked to leave from the event without refund. 


  • It is most essential to be fit and have good amount of stamina for a Trek/hike or any extended odysseys (Biking or Backpacking). 
  • Have a regular workout routine to build your stamina. You would enjoy a trek or an outing a lot better if you have minimum physical fitness. 
  • We have different categories for beginners and experienced Trekkers. Do check with us for difficulty level before enrolling. 
  • Although we would have basic first aid kit with us during the outing, we advise you to carry any other personal medications specific to you.