Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in India also known as the abode of the clouds! Located in the northeast of our vibrant country, it is rich with cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. While some people would know Meghalaya only as highest rainfall receiving state, it offers much more for off beat travellers. It is a place that would fuel the imagination of a creative person and probably give rise to masterpieces in literature, art, and music, such indeed is the pristine beauty of this state. Meghalaya is full of sights and experiences that will leave one awed. We explore several non-touristy and hidden destinations, drive through the thick forests for swim in the fresh waterfalls, travel by local transport or walk, eat local food and stay with local at homestays to get a sight of their culture. This is not a luxury trip for tourists, but an enthralling and exhilarating exploration for travellers at heart.

8 Nights 9 Days 5th - 13th Nov 2022 Meghalaya

What is included in the tour

  • All transportation during the tour - Auto, Bus, Car, Jeep (Shillong to Shillong)
  • 12 Veg meals overall (no fixed order)
  • Stay from Day 1 to Day 7
  • Stay in hygienic and comfortable places but nothing luxurious 
  • Guide fees and permits
  • Photo documentation 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • GST- 5% extra
  • Flight tickets are not included. Transportation to starting point and back from endpoint
  • Transport from Guwahati to Shillong
  • Entry fees and tickets 
  • Zip lining, cliff jumping and other adventure activity expenses
  • Any personal expenses, special orders, snacks, beverages & Food apart from those mentioned in inclusions.
  • Visit the mesmerizing Rainbow, Urkyrming and Tilai waterfalls 
  • Hike to the top of Nohkalikai waterfalls 
  • Hike the Meghalaya's scariest trek - U Mawryngkhang Trek
  • Enthral with the beauty of the cleanest village in Asia (Mawlynnong) and surreal waters of River (Umngot at Dawki)
  • Visit the renowned living root bridges and double-decker root bridge, built more than 150 years ago
  • Enjoy the snorkelling, cliff jumping, zip lining adventure activities
  • Get to know the culture and lifestyle of the largest Adivasi group in Meghalaya known as Khasi tribe
  • Explore the hidden gems of Meghalaya through the most off beat routes

Day 1 - Guwahati to Mawphanlur / Jowai
Day 2 - Jowai to Urkyrming waterfalls to Langkawet the retreat 
Day 3 - Langkawet to mawkyrnot longest living root bridge to Darrang. Cliff jumping
Day 4 - Darrang to umawryngkhang trek - wakhen to Chirrapunjee
Day 5 - Chirrapunjee to Tyrna to nongriat. Rainbow waterfalls
Day 6 - Nongriat to Tyrna to Nohkalikai falls trek to Tilai falls to Mawsynram
Day 7 - Mawsynram to Mawlyngbna. Water trek. Mawsynram
Day 8 - Mawsynram to Jakrem hot water spring to Shillong
Day 9 - Transport to Guwahati airport. Depart.

NOTE: This is only a model itinerary, the exact itinerary will not be shared with the participants as there will be impromptu changes to make the tour more exciting.



Day 1 - Guwahati to Mawphanlur / Jowai
Land in Guwahati before noon, stop at Shillong for lunch and head straight to Mawphanlur / Jowai for a stay in the wilderness. Introduction and explanation of the concept of backpacking and what to expect from this tour. Stay at guesthouse

Day 2 - Jowai to Urkyrming waterfalls to Langkawet the retreat 
Post breakfast head to Laitlum, one of the most astonishing and scenic destinations. The Laitlum Canyons means ‘The End of Hills’ in Khasi. Later, we will visit Urkyrming waterfalls by way of a short hike. Post lunch head to our guesthouse at Langkawet close beautiful lake.

Day 3 - Langkawet to Mawkyrnot longest living root bridge to Darrang. Cliff jumping 
A morning walk around the lake & our stay before breakfast. Then head towards Mawkyrnot village for a hike down the Khasi jungle to see the longest living root bridge. Hike back up for lunch and head towards Dawki and Darrang. We will get into fresh clear waters by jumping from the cliff! Camp stay in non touristy part of the village by the river side.

Day 4 - Darrang to U Mawryngkhang trek - Wakhen to Chirrapunjee
A very early start from the Darrang Campsite and start journey towards the most thrilling and scariest trek of Meghalaya - U Mawyryngkhang Trek near Wakhen village. The entire trek route is laid out by bamboo poles and sticks. It is an amazing engineering marvel by the local people. A total of 4 to 5 hours of trek and take a dip in the most pristine waters at the end of the trek to rejuvenate yourself before heading towards Chirrapunjee. Stay in Dorm / guesthouse

Day 5 - Chirrapunjee to Tyrna to Nongriat. Rainbow waterfalls
Again, an early start from the guesthouse towards Tyrna village. A quick breakfast at the village before starting the steep descent to Nongriat village by steps - a total of 3500 steps! After freshening up, quickly start the hike to Rainbow waterfalls. An amazing and colourful natural scene where you can see rainbow over the waterfalls! Again jump into the fresh waters and play your hearts out before heading back to guesthouse.  

Day 6 - Nongriat to Tyrna to Nohkalikai falls trek to Tilai falls to Mawsynram
Post breakfast, bid adieu to the beautiful village and start the steep ascend towards tyrna. Start towards Nohkalikai falls trek. The view of Nokalikai waterfalls from the view point is good but the trek up to top will be the most memorable experience. Get the ultimate views of Sohra forest from the top of Nohkalikai waterfalls and also explore the never ending Tilai waterfalls. Post that, a bit of journey to Mawsynram / Mawlyngbna

Day 7 - Mawsynram to Mawlyngbna. Water trek. Mawsynram
Leisure morning at the stay today and head to explore the Cave and go for a short Lew Lura Luri Trek where you can find lots of fossil marks on the rocks. Then post lunch, head to natural amusement park for river trek and cliff jump. This is the highlight of the entire trip and a lot of fun!  Get back to the stay post sunset. Campfire and dinner 

Day 8 - Mawsynram to Jakrem hot water spring to Shillong
After all the diving into cold water, we rest our muscles and relax our body at Hot Water Spring at Jakrem and head to Shillong for some souvenir shopping and stay. 

Day 9 - Transport to Guwahati airport. Depart.
Transfer from Shillong and reach Guwahati airport for the flight. Thus our amazing Meghalaya Backpacking Odyssey comes to an end with lots of memories, experiences and new found BFFs!

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